Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brithday Babes!

 My mom had a birthday week! On sunday we had a hamburger fry! I think my mom had up to three cakes this birthday! I love her sooooo much and she deserves 100 more!

Tal and johanna! I love them so much. They had cute baby Luke on the April 14! They already are  the best parents ever!

Addie made this whole get together happen and it was delicious! i love you ads!

Ron dog always cooking the meat just one this is missing kev right by this side!


 Cute Rex! what would we do without this kid!
 I LOVE my niece and nephews they make everything so much more fun and exciting!

Blowing out the candles cake number 1.

Minds and eve! we have the best family ever!

HAHAHA! i just had to put this on because i thought it was so funny!! My favorite thing is to skype Mitch and Kels on sunday nights!

My cutest mom ever! she's AMAZING and shes always been my best friend! She does so much for me and i dont even know how to thank her! I love her with all my heart! I hope she had a fun birthday!

 Shes the cutest Nana and these little boys adore her!

Ron, Ads, and eve I love you guys so much and im so glad you guys live so close or I would be bored to death eveyday!

Happy Birthday Minds! your the best sister in the world!! Your so talented and creative thank you, thank you, thank you for everthing! Your the best! Heres your fruit pizza cake that you have for every birthday and im sad to say that no one really likes it but you! haha i love you Minders!!!

Minds and Brads! I love you two!

Happy birthday Mindy!