Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Cute Eve turned one!

the cutest decorations

Rex turned 5! He's getting so old!

rex and max

all of rex's friends

Addie had so many fun games for them

Happy Birthday to such an amazing sister and friend!

34 candles haha!

we miss Tal, Johanna, and Luke

Happy Birthday Johanna! i love you sooo much!

Richard the nicest boy in town! we went to st. george for his birthday! All  he wanted  was a blue harp! haha he's such a funny kid.

 love her pigtails!
Daddy daughter date!


Monday, June 13, 2011

WOW it's been a really long time! This will probably be the longest post you will ever read!

So much has happened since I last blogged! But it was Addies birthday! And i love her to death I dont know what i would do if she wasnt a wagstaff!

Mindy made these cute cusions with one eye!

Next was Mothers day! My mom got the cutest present ever from Tal and Johanna!  My mom thought they were handing her just an ordinary bag but NO cutest little Luke was inside! I love you mom you are amazing in every way!

Then I had a dance competition in Provo! we have had a dance competition every  weekend in May! Abby, Lexi, and I do a trio and we got first place! Mindy also made our costumes!

Best Parents in the World!

My best friends! love them

     Good old bradster had a birthday! And my mom made homemade donuts!  Your the best brady!

Cute richard! He's alsways giving complements to my mom.  Tonigh he said "Nanna i love this dinner" or something like that!

Addie & Eve

He liked these pigtails!

Then comes the U2 concert & Brooke Harts wedding

The stage was amazing! It was such a fun concert to go to!

I love this kid soooooo much!

The sky was so pretty tonight and the temple makes it look even better!

Now we come to my favorite place in the entire world! I hear you only like this place if your a blood born Wagstaff.... come on Ads! jk love you!

look at that sped in the front seat!

Abby and her cows!

Kels thanks for having bigger feet then me so i could have these cowboy boot! hahaha love you Kels!

They thought they found some dinosaur bones.....

Love you pops!

Ronnie rented the funnest little jeep thing

Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!

  I taught Duggy how to Duggy oh yeah!

My two moms! ya gotta love them

Abby can you ever take a picture serious?

He asked me if he could have one more laffy taffy!

Lexi and I planned a suprise sweet 16 birthday party for Abby! It turned out way fun and there were so many people there! We had swimming, a fire to roast marshmallows, a movie, and much more!

Hannah Hoj, Brinley Bywater, and Abbie Brockbank gave Abby a fish for her birthday!

oh good old Ben Seagle

Logan made it so fun with all his music!

Last but not least Abby invited Rachel Dansie and I to go to St. George such a fun trip! We missd Lexi Lou and thank you Angie for everything it really was the best trip ever!

Rachel had a harp practice that she couldn't miss so she flew in to St.George! It's a way small airport and we made huge signs I think she was just a little bit embarrassed!

We got matching sunglasses

we got pedicures

we rode bikes

we went to Grease! so fun we were on the 2 row!!

And this right here hahaha is the best picture of all times! 20 minutes before she was about to go on her first date!

look at this cool kid! He rides in style!

Sorry this is the longest post EVER!